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Sea Urchins

Don’t Step on Sea Urchins – Eat Them!

As we sail around the Mediterranean, we are privileged to try all sorts of local delicatessens Rabbit, horse, baby birds and now I’ve tasted the interesting flavours of sea urchins (see video below). When we went to Malta, we tried their famous rabbit stew (delicious). In Catania, Sicily we enjoyed a family BBQ where friends made […]

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Taormina in Sicily

Taormina Bay in Sicily – An anchorage that has it all!

Just below the ancient city of Taormina, which is below the ancient town of Castelmola there’s a lovely bay that offers great holding and during the summer season, you’ll find first class mooring buoys. The water is crystal clear, the amazing views include the volcano, Mount Etna, a cliff top Norman castle, a spectacular coast […]

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Britican Beef Kebobs

Britican Beef Kebobs

Right before visiting the ancient archaeological site of Delphi (read: Visiting Delphi – We made it to the center of the ancient World), we joined up … [Read More...]

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