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Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Top 16 reasons why sailing the British Virgin Islands is bittersweet

A few years ago, before we sold all our possessions, purchased a sailboat and started sailing around the world, I would have said that my most favorite sailing destination was the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Having spent two wonderful flotilla sailing holidays (chartering a boat) in the BVI both my husband I and were eager […]

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Rigging, Sails and Reefing

Rigging, Sails and Reefing Our Oyster 56’

Before purchasing our sailboat I never realized the variety of rigging options available. In fact, I’m not even sure I understood exactly what the rigging was! Rigging consists of the mast and all the wires attached to it. Not only does the rigging hold the mast in place – it also determines the sails you […]

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