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Skipper Mikes Potatoes

Skipper Mikes Potatoes – Undoubtedly the BEST meal for sailors

This is the story of the man who inspired one of Britican’s most loved and enjoyed meals of all time – and the special woman that cooked the meal for us (over and over again). The recipe is included so read on! Introducing Skipper Mike and my lovely cousin, Loryn Bennett Let me start first […]

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Greek Island of Poros

Don’t visit the Greek Island of Poros for provisioning or good food!

However, you do want to visit the Greek Island of Poros to enjoy an immensely beautiful hike offering views of the town, countryside, deep blue sea and picturesque surrounding area. During our first season in the Aegean Sea we visited as many islands as we could Some of them we spent more time on than […]

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