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How to pole out the jib – downwind sailing

How to pole out the jib – downwind sailing

Have you ever wondered how to pole out the jib? Or perhaps you’ve heard the term downwind sailing and wondered what it means and how you do it?! Read more and all will be revealed (video at the bottom of the article): A sailboat can be propelled forward with winds coming from the front (at an […]

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Provo Caicos

Part 3 of 7: Running aground in Provo Caicos (USVI to North Carolina Trip)

After thoroughly enjoying Grand Turk we decided to leave the island at night so to arrive in Provo, Caicos the following morning. Rather than spend the evening sleeping we thought it made more sense to travel at night so to have more time exploring our next stop. (If you haven’t read Part 1 of 7: […]

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