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Becoming a full-time cruiser

After 15 months of living on our boat full-time I feel…

…A wide mix of things – most of them positive with a few negatives thrown in to keep things interesting. In April 2014, my husband 3 ½ year old daughter (at the time) and I left Gibraltar with our newly purchased 2003 56’ Oyster ready to experience a new life. Our intentions were to say […]

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Port Kastos Greek Ionian Sea

10 Reasons to visit Port Kastos in the Greek Ionian

Last year we sailed around the Ionian Islands for a couple months – we spent time in the blue waters and green islands for the month of June and again, at the end of the season, for the month of September. (Please read Sailing Around The Greek Ionian for a Month) This year, our plan […]

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