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What happens when a boat undergoes a refit?

What happens when a boat undergoes a refit?

My husband and I borrowed a car and went into town to grab some groceries. We ran into another boat owner at the local Greek AB Grocery store. He asked us if we’d be moving on soon and we replied enthusiastically, ‘YES’! We’ve just finished a six-week period on the hard with our boat, Britican, […]

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Becoming a full-time cruiser

Warning: Becoming a full-time cruiser can cause massive heartache – this is why:

These past couple weeks have been emotionally turbulent – overall I’d label my experiences as bittersweet. I thought that sailing around the world, and becoming a full-time cruiser, would present me with new friends, new experience and new memories. Little did I know that I’d feel strong emotions such as sadness, loss and heartache during […]

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