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Preparing our boat for a hurricane

Preparing our boat for a hurricane!

Let’s start the day before a hurricane was due to hit our area. We had a berth at Charleston Harbor Marina in South Carolina… (video at the end of the article) While walking from our sailboat to the main dock this morning I appreciated the placid water and light pink skies growing from the east. Normally I’d […]

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picking up a mooring buoy

10 Steps to Picking up a Mooring Buoy & 14 Tips to Avoid Making Mistakes

If you’ve never picked up a mooring buoy, also called a mooring ball, it can be a bit daunting the first time; especially if you many onlookers. Read these 9 steps to picking up a mooring buoy so that you understand the procedure and then consider the 14 tips below to avoid making common mistakes. […]

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